On A Serious Note: Fished to the Breaking Point

The elusive White Knight takes a fishing break.
The elusive White Knight takes a break from good deeds to go fishing.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  If you were to believe from the title that the point of this post is to say something critical about Stan’s Super Secret Lure, you would be correct.  It’s not very often I’m critical of Trion or the Rift team (at least publicly), but in regards to the lure and fishing in general, I don’t have much of anything positive to say.  Spin it however you want, but the RNG behind this lure makes it nothing but a painful, mind-numbing grind.

Why do it, then?  Rare dimension items, first off.  What kind of dimension items?  Items that showed up on PTS before Rift went F2P in 2013, items that came only from promotional newsletters, items that were from the Joy of Dimensions contest (for those of us who remember back that far).  World Event limited time items, 2.7 Mystery Box items, and items that are brand new to us.

With these rare items, however, come the things that you could receive from any minion box, such as Swords on a Chain, or Magitech Orbs.  For a 10p lure, a Magitech Orb or a white artifact must be a kick in the teeth, and it all comes back to RNG.

These griffon statues from PTS are a potential drop from the Super Secret Lure...if you're lucky.
These griffon statues from the PTS are a potential drop from the Super Secret Lure…if you’re lucky.  R. I. P., Feendish Moneypit.

What is RNG?  The Random Number Generator.  All video games use RNG, in some form or fashion.  Your dungeon drops, raid loot, mob drops in the open world, all of these things rely on RNG.  Those of us who remember when fishing drops were soulbound, then account bound, used to curse RNG on a regular basis when trying to get Flowering Cherry Trees and instead coming up with a flotilla of Blue Sailing Ships.  Why, then, should the Super Secret Lure be any different from that?

On it’s face, the RNG behind the lure is no different from any other fishing lure.  But it is, by applying layers atop layers of RNG, with no clearly definable result.  If you kill the same raid boss enough times, for example, you will eventually get a piece of loot you can use–or the currencies to buy its equivalent.  Journeys for the Super Secret Lure and its awesome loot, many times, start like this:

At 420 fishing, pick up the quest from Uncle Stan in Choreburg for the Atragarian Fishing Pole.  It has not been shown that not having this pole changes anything that happens later, but you’ll need it regardless to craft the next pole, and so begins the first layer of RNG.

With the Atragarian Fishing Pole, you can begin the search for Stan’s Dyna-Therm Fishin’ Pole, which allows access to the Super Secret Lure.  The item comes in the form of a drop while fishing, The Lost Tackle Box, and it offers a quest.  Take the Tackle Box back to Uncle Stan in Choreburg, complete the quest to craft your pole and voila!, you should be done with this step…

The recipe for the Stan's Dyna-Therm Fishin' Pole.
The recipe for the Stan’s Dyna-Therm Fishin’ Pole.

Until you factor in RNG.  Some people, blessed by the RNG gods, have caught the Tackle Box in a couple dozen casts, or while completing the fishing daily (which ought to pay out a LOT more than 3 plat, 83 gold, while I’m on the topic), or just at random.  Others, not blessed, have tossed thousands of casts trying to just get the pole.  I estimated that my total casts for the Tackle Box were right around 10,000.  I fished up my Tackle Box on the rocks at Tarken Ascent, where you can head back into Draumheim.

Now that you’ve gotten the pole (hopefully), you can start searching for the lure.  Where?  Well, it’s random, but you can only find it in the Plane of Water.  Shallow, deep, Goboro Reef, Draumheim, or Tarken Glacier, or in the No Man’s Land between maps if you can get there.

Be ready to get kicked in the teeth by RNG again.

A clearly defined goal.  Yeah, the pet isn't that great, but it's better than nothing.
A clearly defined goal. Yeah, the pet isn’t that great, but it’s better than nothing.

I keep reading on the forums that fishing up this lure takes dedication.  Dedication was completing Master Trophy Angler (I bought one trophy fish, because that damned Trophy Powdernose Crab refused to drop–then go figure, as soon as I bought it, I caught one).  This lure takes nothing but good luck with RNG, and that’s something I have a huge problem with.  Dedication means applying yourself toward a definable goal that will eventually be reached.

To date, I’ve tossed about 13,000 casts trying to get the Super Secret Lure, with nothing to show for my efforts but a metric ton of fish–and 203 Rusted Metal Tiles, among other Plane of Water Items, few of which I will ever use.  Fish that cannot be sold, because there are so many on the market from all the other people who are also trying to appease the RNG gods.

It’s also been stated on the forums that the Lure is meant to be a very rare chase item.  Okay, I got it.  Burying the lure beneath multiple layers of RNG, however, doesn’t make it rare, it makes the person who found one lucky, and we have to deal with enough “luck” from all the various lockboxes.  Removing just one of the layers of RNG would still keep the Super Secret Lure rare–and how rare should it really be, if the loot it drops are Magitech Orbs and Swords on a Chain, just as two examples, on a frequent basis?  For the money spent in reagents to craft the lure, I can just buy either item for less off the auction house.

Praying at the Temple of the RNG Gods, by Seyler@Greybriar NA.
Praying at the Temple of the RNG Gods, by Seyler@Greybriar NA.

Would I be this genuinely angry if I had already gotten the lure?  I believe I would.  After almost 25,000 fish, however, I’m in a red rage.  I’m so angry that a couple of nights ago, I found myself ready to log out and never log back in, and fishing–or anything in a video game, really–should never make someone that angry.  The bottom line, however, is that we pay for this entertainment, in one way or another.  Endless grinding is NOT entertaining, and I really had to take some time and evaluate why I continue to play at all.

The community is a big part of that decision to not log out, of course.  I enjoy my guild, and the friends I have in game.  Get Up and Go! was in full judging swing–I was fishing to take a break from judging, of all things–and I would never, ever drop an obligation like that, no matter how much I thought about it.  I would say I like building dimensions, but there certainly hasn’t been any of that thanks to incessant fishing, although I do have a big guild project that Afflaq has graciously agreed to help me with–our first collaboration together in more than two years.  Touring has also taken a back seat to fishing, which means that this one activity and the RNG associated with it has even encroached on my second job, the DTC.

Little Bo Peep lost more than her sheep, she lost her freaking mind.
Little Bo Peep lost more than her sheep, she lost her freaking mind.

I can’t be the only person who finds it ironic that now something must be done to use up the supply of excess common fish that are clogging up bags, banks and the auction houses–I’m sure the sheer numbers of fish that just get sold to the vendors would boggle my mind.

Fishing needed something to make it, perhaps, a bit more exciting.  But how exciting can one really expect fishing in a video game to be?  If I want fun and excitement, I can go and do anything else.  Fishing, in my own opinion (just as this entire post is my own opinion, as always), has always been more of a necessary evil than anything.  Now, it is something I despise.  I hate items gated in this way in a manner not unlike other people hate items being gated behind raid achievements.  At least with the raid achievements, however, you know what you’re going to get.

An example of  Notoriety items currently on PTS.
An example of Notoriety items currently on PTS.  The Akylios Statue Spread has my name all over it.

To those who don’t build dimensions, the relentless search for new and unique items is probably a bit nonsensical.  At this point, it’s nonsensical to me as well, and I’m refusing to do it any longer.  I’m happy to see on the PTS new items available from notoriety–which is another incoming grind, to bring all those notoriety levels to Glorified–because at least that grind has a visible end and is not reliant on RNG in the slightest.

If you’ve been lucky enough to fish up this lure, congratulations.  If you haven’t, good luck.

Perhaps a visit to the Temple of the RNG Gods, by Seyler@Greybriar and praying a bit wouldn’t hurt, either.



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