Hero’s Quest: Sleeping Beauty, by Jaedor@Greybriar NA

Can you save the slumbering princess?  Hero's Quest:  Sleeping Beauty, by Jaedor@Greybriar NA.
Can you save the slumbering princess? Hero’s Quest: Sleeping Beauty, by Jaedor@Greybriar NA.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Tonight we’re back on Greybriar, for a dimension tour that’s part two in a series of…who knows?  Hero’s Quest:  Sleeping Beauty, by Jaedor@Greybriar, is a great dimension to tour, either on it’s own, or immediately after Hero’s Quest:  Hidden Canyon.

Before we get started, however, let me just wonder for a moment if there’s something going around in the water on Greybriar…there are tons of great new dimensions hitting the weekly within the past couple of weeks–which is great for those of us who call it home!

Jaed makes no bones about liking to explore, and she builds the same way, creating spaces for explorers to find their way.  She did a great job of that here, even without meaning to, by leaving an opening at the end of the wall of thorns, but also little places where an explorer might jump the fence and break into the tower grounds.  As for the tower itself, wow!  Even using premade pieces, the walls look aged and overgrown with strategic placement of roots and ivy…and things are still not made easy, by multiple points of entry being blocked, so you must keep looking!

It’s hard to believe this is done in only 766 items of the T5 limit of 1000 for Faering Woods–which was an excellent choice of base dimension for this build.

If you’ll recall, on last Saturday’s Roadshow, Jaedor helped me to host while we welcomed Shower@Greybriar as the guest.  This week, the shoe’s on the other foot and Jaed is in the hot seat!  We’ll be touring this one and many more of her wonderful dimensions on the DTC Roadshow, Saturday@1100 AM NA server, but I still highly encourage everyone to come check out this dimension–as well as Jaedor’s other dimensions–in person, to explore to your heart’s content.

Happy Touring!



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