Nightmare Saga Continues…

Um, can you just make the portal?
Um, can you just make the portal?

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  If you, like me, thought collecting Orphiel Farwind was the end of the Nightmare Saga, Act Two, boy were we mistaken!

I never played the saga on PTS because with some things, I like to be surprised.  Hunting up dimension items and looking at crafting recipes are one thing.  Chasing content is not usually something I like to do before release.

Thanks to Ailene, for posting on the forums what you get when you complete the artifact sets you can hunt up in Port Scion–after Orphiel ports you there, of course!

So…what do you need to do?

1.  Finish Part Two of the Nightmare Saga and collect Orphiel Farwind–or find a buddy who has one, or a lot of them.  Thank you, Kitasia, for letting me borrow your Orphiels every time mine refused to cooperate as I headed toward that very last shiny (which took three days to finally spawn for me).

2. Orphiel will randomly spawn a portal to Port Scion–complete with zombies and Bone Crushers (the elite mobs).  While you’re there, 9 artifacts from 5 sets will spawn.  Thanks, Seyler, for pointing out it’s always nine!  The respawn timer for separate instances (meaning a new chance for shinies), is about an hour.

The five sets are:

Personae Dramatis

Bit Players

Places You’ll Go (I thought this one the hardest set to complete, it’s 24 pieces)

The Heralds

The Aspects

3.  When all five sets are completed, check your mail!  You will receive a Nightmare Saga Sky Projector, a Guffin NPC dimension item, and a writ for “The Scion Surveyor” title.

The sky projector is flat out amazing, and the Guffin is absolutely adorable.  Like most NPCs, you can set him to either stand in one spot or move around.  /Poke him, and he flops to his back, playing dead!

Subtle pinwheels of light in a dark blue sky...Gorgeous.
Subtle pinwheels of light in a dark blue sky…Gorgeous.

Unlike Orphiel himself, these items are Bound to Account, which could come in useful if you have low level alts that you put dimension builds on.  Here’s to hoping that we’ll eventually see these items wind up on the store as trophy items.

Personally, I never plan on entering Port Scion again.

Happy Building!

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