Blackwood Citadel, by Blackwood Company @Faeblight NA

Behold the Blackwood Citadel, by Blackwood Company @Faeblight.
Behold!  Blackwood Citadel, by Blackwood Company @Faeblight.

Greetings, Dimensionerds and dimension lovers!  I managed to fit in some building since my time away so I’ve been focusing more lately on touring!  As I’ve been travelling around, I find myself amazed by the size of this huge collection of graphical art!  Rift’s  gallery of dimensions includes so many past and present builders, it’s mind-boggling!  New builders, returning builders, long-time builders, teams of builders, commission builders … and of course, retired builders.  Whenever I hit a particular shard, I almost always visit some past favorites, along with the new additions to the Weekly and All-Time lists.  Just like I’m excited when a new builder comes along and when a current builder creates something new, I’m always hopeful departed builders will return.  Some do, some don’t, but I’m still hoping!  Meanwhile, we get to enjoy all the dimensions and builders who are still here!

Blackwood Citadel@Faeblight - View from the Front Entrance.
Blackwood Citadel@Faeblight – View from the Front Entrance.

Today’s tour is a guild dimension from Faeblight, Blackwood Citadel, by Blackwood Company.  In my opinion, Caer Kholum is one of the more challenging guild dimensions to use well.  It’s humongous and even with the T5 4K item count, it’s a challenge to utilize the space and have it be adequately decorated.  Blackwood Citadel is one of my favorite uses of Caer Kholum and it’s a 3842 item transformation of this sprawling castle.  At 451 votes, it’s no hidden gem, but I found this build while touring personal dimensions with a player who’s a member of Blackwood Company (his dimensions will be covered in an upcoming post!), and I simply had to write an article about Blackwood Citadel, too.  The Caef Kholum castle is nowhere to be seen, almost every inch has been covered.  This has to be the largest “reskinning” project ever.  I’ve never seen so many Brevanic items used in one place but I love the streamlined, precise, orderly, and beautiful design that has been created here.  It has a much more modern and elegant style than the base dimension, not just in the new architectural features, but the furnishings as well.  Consoles and technical devices throughout the citadel indicate this place is definitely online!  I wish I could include some backstory and behind-the-scenes building info but I haven’t been able to chat with the builder … so far!  For now, you’ll just have to feast your eyes on the fantastic build itself!  Even with some editing, screenshots are nothing compared to the real thing so go visit in-person!

In the start of this post, I mentioned builders who are not around anymore.  According to members of Blackwood Company, the original builder of Blackwood Citadel is Azhadin, but I could never find him online.  Some guildees told me he isn’t currently active in Rift while others told me he joined a different guild and rarely logs on.  Since I couldn’t find him myself, I can’t confirm his status but I can tell you he has at least two personal dimensions that are open for touring.  One is RP-Seraphel Sanctum, which is spectacular and contains elements that remind me of the building style in Blackwood Citadel.  I can’t resist showing you some screenshots of RP-Seraphel Sanctum below.  Azhadin also has The Plane of Earth, which I found very enjoyable to explore.  You can’t go wrong touring either of these terrific dimensions!

This is the most screenshots I’ve ever included in one post!  Trying to cover a guild dimension and sneaking in a personal dimension may be too much, but I hope you’ll be intrigued and you’ll visit these dimensions.  Happy Touring!


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