Two Secrets on Faeblight!

Gloamwood Glen, by Alesi@Faeblight.

Today’s tour will highlight two hidden gems on Faeblight.  I refer to them as “secrets” because they were built as collaboration projects by two members from the Secrets guild!  When I’m on the lookout for hidden gems to post about, I usually bypass dimensions with default names because they are so often storage dimensions or unfinished works-in-progress.  I might never have found Gloamwood Glen, by Alesi@Faeblight if it weren’t for Giorn@Faeblight!  Giorn was a recent guest on the DTC Roadshow and he’s a member of Secrets@Faeblight.  During a Roadshow prep-chat with Giorn to tour his brand new Titan Arena (wow … go see it!), I had the added pleasure of meeting Zsaida, one of the guild leaders of Secrets@Faeblight  She directed me to Gloamwood Glen, by Alesi@Faeblight, which I truly enjoyed touring.  Then, upon doing a dimension search for builds by Zsaida, I found her Lovers Oasis RP, which I also had to visit.  I’ve included screenshots of both dimensions, for your viewing pleasure!

My thanks to Zsaida@Faeblight for chatting with me and giving me the backstory on these two lovely dimensions.  Gloamwood Glen, by Alesi@Faeblight was co-built by Alesi and Zsaida.  This dimension is a favorite roleplaying (RP) destination for the Secrets guild.  Zsaida told me it is frequently changed to provide specific settings for their RP events.  I’m always intrigued by the link between roleplaying and dimensions.  As a builder myself, I’m constantly trying to “finish” my dimensions.  Even if I might consider remodeling a build, I still think of it as a somewhat static object, “finished” vs. “unfinished.”  Roleplayers, like Alesi and Zsaida, don’t seem to constrain themselves in this same way.  If they need a different setting for an RP event, instead of having to building an entire new dimension, they can simply modify an existing dimension to suit their current needs.  I think this is very creative thinking!  Lovers Oasis RP, by Zsaida, was also co-built by Zsaida and Alesi.  I believe this dimension is modified less often, but it features many different settings to support a wide variety of RP themes and it is fun to explore!

Each of these dimensions is creative, well-detailed, and highly tourable — Gloamwood Glen, by Alesi and Lovers Oasis RP, by Zsaida.  I recommend first-person tours of these lovely dimensions co-built by Alesi and Zsaida, both members of Secrets@Faeblight.  I hope I can learn to think of my dimensions more like versatile, ever-changing beings instead of rigid, defined products.  Perhaps I should begin a renovation project right now …

Happy Touring!

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