[L’O.D.] Cuivre, by Kwali@Brisesol

[L'O.D.]Cuivre, by Kwali@Brisesol.
[L’O.D.] Cuivre, by Kwali@Brisesol.
You can tell from the tag, [L’O.D.] on her dimension that Kwali@Brisesol is a member of L’Ordre Draconique.  L’O.D. is a very active roleplaying (RP) guild on Brisesol, which celebrated it’s 5th guild anniversary only yesterday!  Happy Birthday, L’O.D.!!!  The world of dimensions would not be the same without roleplayers and the wonderful dimensions they create, so the non-RPers among us salute all the RP-builders!  And I think EU RPers deserve special recognition for keeping their RP activities alive  Unlike NA’s Faeblight, EU has no dedicated RP shard (not since it was merged 3 years ago) and EU RPers don’t even have a common RP language or alphabet.  Instead, there are small communities of RPers across the EU shards who love RP and somehow keep it going!  Kudos to all of you, especially since many of you are great builders who create dimensions enjoyed by all dimension lovers, RPers and non-RPers alike!  I found my way to Kwali thanks to  Moystia, a fabulous Dimensionerd Extraordinaire (visit her page here)  who recently returned to Rift (WOOT!) and suggested I see Kwali’s work.  Since we’ve all been touring a lot of taverns, bars, clubs, and watering holes recently, thanks to Kuula@Faeblight’s 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall dimension contest, I wanted to select something completely different, so I picked Cuivre, by Kwali@Briesol for our tour today!

Kwali built this dimension for a guild event about L’Ordre Draconique’s early history.  Here’s a summarized version of Kwali’s story about the creation and discovery of the great dragon ship.  “Once upon a time, there was an amazing dragon forged from sourcestone, a living-yet-magically-mechanized creature unlike any other!  The dragon’s creator and master treated it very harshly and it was driven slightly mad over many years, until it attacked the cruel master and escaped to freedom.  One day, L’O.D. came upon the great dragon, sleeping in a meadow, and they were absolutely amazed by the unusual creature.  The great dragon, still half-mad from it’s terrible life with the cruel master, awakened and started attacking the group!  The L’O.D. travelers were able to soothe the dragon by speaking it’s name, Cuivre!  Cuivre!  Over time, the dragon calmed and trusted L’O.D., and they learned to fly aboard the amazing creature, part vessel, part dragon, and all gentle giant!  The great dragon and L’O.D. formed a powerful bond and, to this day, the dragon still serves as an arc, a sanctuary, and a powerful protector for L’O.D. and the innocent civilians of Telara.”  [Note:  I enjoyed chatting with Kwali very much but my French is horrible and her English is better than my French but this is my probably somewhat inaccurate translation of her story.  I wish you could all hear the original story from Kwali, some in French, some in English, it was beautiful.  Any mistakes are all my fault!] 

This amazing dragon ship is so humongous, it’s a challenge to get it all into a single screenshot!  When you first see it towering over the meadow in Mathosian Cascades, I dare you to try not to say “Wow!”  Cuivre is a French word meaning “copper” in English.  The exterior structure of this mighty beast is built largely using Articulated Ship Armor, Rusted Metal Smokestacks, Ship’s Engines, Rusted Metal Outhouses, and Rusted Metal Plates, all of which have that rusty aged look that copper sometimes gets,  so the dragon ship’s name makes sense.  For this tour, I’m going to leave it up to the screenshots but I STRONGLY recommend you visit this dimension in person.  It is so massive, so awe-inspiring, so filled with thoughtfully designed features, to see it first-hand and to be able to explore it inside and out, is necessary.  A simple article and some tiny screenshots can’t communicate it’s greatness!

Kwali has 5 builds on Brisesol, including Cuivre.  She is a lover of RP and an active member of L’O.D.  They have specific practices to involve members in the décor of the guild dimension, La Cité Draconique (e.g., space personalization, office redecorations by newly promoted officers, class house rebuilding by class masters), so Kwali has done some building in the guild dimension, along with her own solo building.  Take a trip to the EU shard of Brisesol, and visit the dimensions by this creative builder.  Whether you are a roleplayer or not, you will enjoy your visit.

Happy Touring!.

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