The Hidden Gems of Chrystiel@Bloodiron

Wise Woman's Seclusion, by Eldrinai@Bloodiron. Chrystiel's entry in the Cozy Cottages 2 Contest.
Wise Woman’s Seclusion, by Eldrinai@Bloodiron. Chrystiel’s entry in the Cozy Cottages 2 Contest.

If you toured the entries for our Cozy Cottaages 2 Contest (CC2), you may have visited one of Chrystiel’s dimensions already, Wise Woman’s Seclusion, by Eldrinai @Bloodiron. She created it specifically for the CC2 contest so it is separate from her other dimensions.  Chrystiel is a roleplayer (RPer) so she has stories for each of her dimensions, including this one.  Here is the story:  “Long before the first rift appearded, Telara was home to the Glades of Life.  These ancient glades, featuring beautiful and magical trees, were sources of peace and goodness all throughout Telara. As time passed and the world evolved, many of the Glades of Life were destroyed and the magic of the trees dwindled.  Guardians were carefully selected to protect the handful of remaining glades scattered around Telara.  These tireless guardians chose secluded, solitary lives, dedicated solely to the protection of the glades, remaining ever vigilant in hopes of someday witnessing the appearance of new trees and the return of the lost Glades of Life.  One such guardian is Eldrinai, a powerful cleric, who practices her healing magic while watching over one of the last remaining Glades of Life.”  Just down the hill from Eldrinai’s cozy cottage , you can visit the Glade of Life she watches over.

One of Telara's few remaining Glades of Life, being watched over by Eldrinai at Wise Womans' Seclusion@Bloodiron.
One of Telara’s few remaining Glades of Life, being watched over by Eldrinai at Wise Woman’s Seclusion@Bloodiron.

Chrystiel’s other dimensions are part of a circle, linked together by her stories and the stargates located in each dimension.  She currently has Winter Getaway, by Chrystiel, Atlantis Reborn, by Arquanu, and Hydra Girl Manor, by Astrania (work in progress), all on Bloodiron.  The manor dimension will serve as a shared home for all her toons, with unique rooms belonging to each one, including Eldrinai the Cleric, Chrystiel the Mage (her main), Astranai the Rogue, Arquanu the Primalist, and Astrail the Warrior.  Chrystiel spent a lot of time giving me tours and telling me stories about her builds.  We also chatted about the state of RP on EU and Chrystiel told me about a new RP guild on Typhiria, Stalkers of the Evergreen, whose members want to help promote and preserve RP on EU.  When I talk to roleplayers about their dimensions, I sometimes feel a bit lazy about my own builds.  Mine are usually “wing-its” with no backstories and no specific purpose for existing (beyond me trying to make people laugh).  Then I remember the happiest part about our world of dimensions — there’s room for every possible kind!  Every theme, every style, every genre, every size, every shape, everything anybody can think up!  But I am very thankful for our RP-builders who take serious pride in creating their dimensions specifically for sharing.  We all need to be reminded about the sharing aspect so we keep on touring!

Atlantis Reborn, by Arquanu@Bloodiron.
Atlantis Reborn, by Arquanu@Bloodiron.

I’ve already gone on for quite a while, but I really want to include a tour of Atlantis Reborn, by Arquanu @Bloodiron.  Chrystiel needed a water setting because, well, it’s Atlantis!  She also wanted control over the landscape, so she bypassed the expected choice, Moonriven Breach, and selected Anywhere instead.  Creating a watery world in a desert setting required a complete transformation!  Without much further ado, I will simply share Chrystiel’s creation story for this dimension and give you a slideshow of screenshots from this enjoyable build.  Here is the story:  “Long after their ancestors lost the great empire of Atlantis, a group of surviving Atlanteans set out to rediscover their lost city in hopes of salvaging some small part of their beloved home.  Arquanu was a member of the scouting party which set out in search of Atlantis.  Luck was with the Atlanteans, and they succeeded in finding the remnants of their capital city.  Most of the city could not be salvaged, but they discovered a very small portion which they believed could be resurrected.  Using a great crystal of power, and 4 powerful ancestor statues — a wise founder, a powerful healer, a leading star, and a witness and survivor of the fall — they raised a protective shield over the city.   Calling on the power of the great crystal and the ancestor statues, Arquanu and the other members of the scouting party began the lengthy and difficult task of restoring Atlantis piece-by-piece for the return of their people.  As the city was resurrected, the ancestor statues were placed as watchful guardians, continuing to protect the city beneath it’s magic shield.  The great crystal of power was installed above the city, near the great vessel which had delivered the crystal, the guardian statues, a stargate, and the Atlanteans back to their beloved home.  At long last, Atlantis was reborn!”

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Now I’ll say what I always say, please visit this dimension in person!  Articles and screenshots are ok, but experiencing a dimension first-hand is always best.  My thanks to Christiel for spending time with me, sharing her stories and touring her hidden gems on Bloodiron.  She told me she enjoys showing people the small corners they might miss or get lost in … she graciously invites visitors to send her a message and she will gladly give a personal tour!  Enjoy!

Happy Touring!

Note:  I try to be as accurate as possible with RP stories included in posts.  Any mistakes here are all my fault!

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