Morph Madness!

The Forest Knight, by Shaarlys@Brisesol.
The Forest Knight, by Shaarlys@Brisesol.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Entries have closed in the Morph Madness Contest, sponsored by Faragonx@Wolfsbane and I’m eager to get to touring the astounding entries.  Surprisingly, Brisesol had the most entries for this contest, tied with Faeblight at four, while Laethys had three entries.  No matter how many people entered, each dimension is well worth checking out–support those builders with your votes!–and I eagerly await the winner announcement.

Good luck to all those who entered!  Here are the entries, in no particular order, by shard:




Guangming Ta, by Fengshui (Nouvae)@Hailol.
Guangming Ta, by Fengshui (Nouvae)@Hailol.


GRIMLOCK, by Alynai@Wolfsbane.
GRIMLOCK, by Lynixeus@Wolfsbane.




No matter who ends up winning (and the prizes are pretty spiffy), everyone who entered has put forth work to be proud of and to admire.

I hope you’ll join us this Saturday, 02 July, as we tour all these entries in person with Faragonx during the DTC Roadshow, starting at 1100AM NA server and finishing…whenever we get done!

Happy Touring!

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