Mystery Shard Touring Challenge!

Introducing the DTC Touring Challenge!   Be the first to identify and post a comment about the dimension pictured below and win a mystery prize!  The rules & instructions are simple:

  1. Be the first person to attach a comment to this page including the builder’s name, shard, and one or more features you enjoyed about the challenge dimension.
  2. The dimension name and cluster for the challenge dimension will be provided with the screenshot and the dimension will be on the mystery shard’s weekly list (assuming you start the challenge TODAY).
  3. The prize will be something any dimensionerd should enjoy (this is my own money so it won’t be a new car or a tropical vacation!) and the prize will be sent to the winner in-game.
  4. We’re using the honor system here, so the mystery dimension builder, alts of the builder, and friends of the builder (or people in cahoots with the builder!) are not eligible.  Feendish and Audz, you aren’t eligible either!
Dolcega Engineering pm NA!
Dolcega Engineering on NA.  This creative dimension has several amazing vehicles with a cool power system, a tech shop with its own runway, all overlooked by a glass-walled apartment that anybody would enjoy calling home!  Find it, submit your comment first, and win a fun prize!

Good luck and …. Ready, Set, GO!

Happy Touring!

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