The Year in Dimensions – 2016

Wavercliff by Frond@Zaviel. Jan 2016.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  2016, especially the back half of the year, was a great one for those of us who love to build and look at dimensions.  Not only have there been some massive dimension updates–to include the entire Starfall Prophecy expansion and all the dimension bounty that came with it, but there have been periodic smaller updates and new World Event loot to keep us fully stocked and looking for more bank space.

In addition to game updates, there have been contests and giveaways upon contests and giveaways, pretty much throughout the year.  Dimension Addicts is doing a monthly giveaway for uploading shared sets, and this will likely continue through 2017, Dimension Gallery just wrapped up a Fae Yule Giveaway, and Bellarosa@Laethys is currently sponsoring a Radical Botanical Garden contest, as well as the Trion sponsored Snobuild Contest, which is only going for a couple of more days.

We’ve gotten another new dev this year (new to dimensions, at any rate) with Tacitus, and the changes he has made have been jaw dropping and pretty game-changing.  From mass release of new building blocks with Summerfest (I will not cease complaining because the colored limestone is in a random scratcher, but it is what it is), to the most recent update of an entire new tab of the store full of completed premade buildings, it seems like each and every month has had a big dimension update that requires additional storage!

What’s to come with 4.1?  Well, if you’re in the Dimension Skype, you already have an idea, but if you’re not–and it’s a public channel, not a secret club, so all you have to do is ask to get in–Tacitus has shown up this week while the devs have been on break to share with us some more teasers.  The Imperial Wonders Mystery Box will be retired and the Alittu Mystery Box will take its place.  Yes, those fabulous screens from the Starfall Prophecy hub could be yours! He teased MORE building block skins are on the way, but offered up no details as to what kind of skins those might be, and he’s been giddy like a teenaged girl over assets he’s unearthed, including interior facades from the bunkers of Eastern Holdings (in Storm Legion territory), which may or may not become dimension items (more than likely, they will).

Of course, none of that is official (but Tacitus is usually VERY reliable about doing what he says), until it hits the PTS–and even then things are subject to change–but 4.1 should be hitting the test server fairly soon once the holidays are over and everyone is back to work.

Also, and this is a major change regarding dimension stashes from minions…We’ve been waiting for months for new building blocks and other new-ish items to hit the minion caches, but the bottom line is this, no new stuff is going to show up in the current caches.  With 4.1, we’ll be seeing new minion stashes, so if you’re hoarding boxes and waiting to open them, you can feel free to open without guilt.  If you have stashes and no room to put all the items, nothing says you can’t still hold on to the boxes, but do not expect the loot tables to change in those particular stashes.

In addition to the building blocks, Tacitus has said that there are “hundreds” of items that will be specific to minions–in other words, the only way you can get them, was my interpretation.  What kind of items?  Who knows.

Whew!  I got kind of sidetracked from the actual review, but here’s the list of dimension building contests (giveaways are not included) that took place this year alone:

Cozy Cottages 2 — March (Will there be a CC3? Mayyybeeee, but I’d rather do a Total Transformation 2 or a village/town contest instead)

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall — May

Morph Madness! — June

Aced Summer 400 Contest — July

Dimension Challenge:  Garden Gazebo — August

Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too Party Scene Contest — October

A-MAZE-ing Dimensions! — December

In addition to all the goings-on in game, Diva and I both have been busy with real life projects, our own building projects and, of course, the DTC, which just passed it’s third anniversary this month.  Almost every Saturday, we’re streaming either a DTC Roadshow or Tips n’ Tricks Live! on our Twitch Channel.  If you miss them live, you can catch replays either on Twitch,  or on our YouTube channel.

I can pretty safely speak for Diva and myself when I say that I hope you had a great year behind, and I wish everyone a great year ahead.  Look for more tours, more Roadshows, more Serious Notes, more Tips ‘n Tricks, and more silliness in the year ahead.

Happy Touring, Happy Building, and Happy New Year!


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