Carnival of the Ascended 2017!

Saint Taranis. 3 Auroral Doubloons, 200 Glass Beads. T5 Limit: 2520.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  It’s almost that time to celebrate Rift’s 6th Anniversary with the world event that’s one big party:  Carnival of the Ascended!  Carnival launches Thursday, March 30 this year at 3:30 PM server time (PDT), with the store items available after the update on Wednesday (which just happens to be the launch of 4.1!).

I’m working on a different article for 4.1 items and acquisition (there’s a ton of stuff!)

This is the time to stock up on all those staple items that can used for just about everything–pots, gravy boats, plates, bowls, goblets, cakes, feast trays, lights and light strings…you get the idea!

For the full list of what’s in the kits, follow the link to this post:  What’s in the Kits?

Castle Fortune is still available this year. 3 Auroral Doubloons, 200 Glass Beads. Tier 5 limit: 2520.

There are, however, a sizable amount of new items this year, including the 6th Anniversary Cake–the Ankhet Cake, as well as a number of banners to match our spiffy capes, a new party boat, and 2 new floats–Tasuil and Yrlwalach.

As usual, my disclaimer that things on the PTS are subject to change.

The Spawn Pit is also back this year. T5 limit: 2520. Cost: 3 Auroral Doubloons, 200 Glass Beads.

Again this year, Dreamweaving recipes for several VFX are available, including Falling Petals and the Gentle Rainbow, in addition to the planar bubbles.  Given that these are not new items, prices are likely set: (please remember that all credit prices are with patron discount)

This year’s Dimension keys: (Currencies shown are Auroral Doubloons and Glass Beads)

The Carnival Kits w/prices: (Currency shown is Prize Tickets)

New for this year:

Bylhix the Barkeep is having a great time.

Currency shown is Glass Beads:

The Ankhet Cake.

Currency shown is Glass Beads:

Banners from right to left: Akylios, Laethys, Greenscale, Crucia, Regulos, Maelforge and Tasuil.  All items shown at default size.

Currency price shown is Glass Beads:

Many thanks to Cilana (may have gotten the spelling wrong) for sending me a Tasuil Banner after I ran out of currency!

The floats from previous years are still available this year (currency prices shown is Prize Tickets):

And there are some new floats as well (currency shown is Prize Tickets):

Last, but certainly not least, is the new Carnival Boat, which is very similar to the Ferry that you can fish up, minus the canopy top.  Currency price shown for the Carnival Boat is 1000 Glass Beads.

Along with all the dimension items, of course, are the usual assortment of wardrobe items, portrait badges, consumables, mounts and actual gear.

How do you raise all this currency?  Check out this post from RiftGrate, which still contains quite a bit of useful information for the games.  Another way to raise a ton of currency?  Carnival of the Ascended has event specific Instant Adventures, which are a pretty good way to kill some time and grind some currency.

Happy Farming!

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