4.1 Dimension Compendium (SPOILERS)

Volcanic Playground, from Planar Crafting. T5 limit: 2520.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  The 4.1 Update is scheduled for release this upcoming Wednesday, 29 March, and there are a ton of new and changed things coming our way.  The DTC, of course, is not the place to go if you’re wanting guides for Eternal Weapons or Tartaric Depths, but I am going to try to lay out new keys, new items, and where you can get them as concisely as possible–so let’s get started!

My usual disclaimers:  Everything on PTS is subject to change before things go live, to include the items themselves as well as prices.  Anything that is in error is entirely through my own fault.

Wyrd Hut, from Planar Crafting. T5 limit: 2000.

Planar Crafting:

Planar Crafting is becoming a thing again in 4.1, and the place to purchase those recipes is in Alittu, from a gentlerobot by the name of R23-JK.

R23-JK, besides offering weekly quests, sells the recipes for several things from every profession–including rune recipes that increase gathering skills so you can obtain more materials with less effort.  His head armor and ranged weapon recipes are currently best in slot, so expect groups for crafting rifts to be plentiful.  He also sells the recipes for the two keys shown above, Wyrd Hut and Volcanic Playground:

Here are the mats needed for those recipes:


The Grandmaster Trainer for Dreamweaving has two new recipes for sale, both of which require 500 DW to make–so if you’re not quite at the Visionary cap, no worries!  Neither of these VFX screenshot well, so my apologies regarding the quality of the pictures–both are quite pretty in game!

Materials for these recipes:


Fortress of the Apocalypse.  Tier 5 limit:  2520.

In addition to the key shown above, Fortress of the Apocalypse, there are several new items available for Affinity with 4.1.  If you missed last year’s Anniversary event or the tickets from pre-ordering Starfall Prophecy, all of those items are now on the shop, to include the mount Opie, the Haunted Terminal Key, the Pink Skull Portrait Badge, and more.  In addition to these items (as well as all of those capes that were available during the event), there’s a new scratcher.  For 14 Affinity, you can buy the Banner Bundle, which comes with four random banners.

I counted 80 of these banners in total (I may have missed a couple).  I’ve tried to keep them in a logical group for these screenshots, a couple of times, that didn’t work so well.


The Rift store has several new additions, with seven new textures of building block, a very many new buildings and several new music boxes.  Please pardon me for being in the screenshots:

Building Blocks: (Please note that these blocks are NOT showing up in the revised minion stashes, but more about that later).

For each building block, the store price is 5 platinum per block, or 2 credits.  Please keep in mind that everything on the PTS is subject to change, and these may not be the final prices–this is a significant reduction from what these building blocks had previously been listed under.

Music Boxes:  It’s been announced that these music boxes will NOT show up in minion caches, and the price has seen a significant increase due to costs associated with making boxes.  There are eight music boxes that will be released into premium minion caches–more on those later!


The Mathosian City Forge, on the store for 540 credits with patron.

Several types of Mathosian building have been added, in addition to the City Forge shown above (which comes from Smith’s Haven, Freemarch in game).  All other buildings have a platinum as well as credit cost.  Some of the buildings shown in the screenshots are already in game, because in the Buildings sub-tab, everything is mingled together.  I tried to separate things out as much as possible.

Here’s a small visual of the buildings at minimum scale.


Two new scratchers are added to the store after 4.1.  The Passel of Potions scratcher can be found under the Decorations sub-tab (Jug and Jar), which is also where the Candle and Torch Bundle is currently located.  Both scratchers cost 27 credits with the patron discount, and each scratcher drops 4-6 items.

Mystery Box:

The Imperial Wonders Mystery Box is going away with 4.1 and those items will temporarily be unavailable to resupply until the dev team determines new distribution paths and appropriate timelines to put those items back in the game.  That Mystery Box has been replaced with the Wonders of Alittu Mystery Box:

The Wonders of Alittu box has approximately 65 items in the loot table, to include the Alittu Music Box and the key to the Alittu dimension.  The Wonders of Alittu Mystery Box contains an assortment of items from the hub of Alittu and Tartaric Depths.

Alittu. Tier 5 limit: 2520.

Here is a small sample of the items in the Wonders of Alittu Mystery Box, at the default size:


Dimension caches and rewards from minions are received a nearly complete overhaul.  The only areas with our dimension hunting minions that may not see much of a change are with the 4,5 and 6 star caches.

All existing minion caches will say Antiquated in the name, if you have some you haven’t opened after the patch goes live.

One and Two star minion rewards will contain solely building blocks.  Those caches now include the building blocks that were released with the 3.7 update last year.  The only blocks excluded are the new metal and stone textures that will be released with 4.1.

NOTE: This could be an error, I honestly just vendored all the building blocks I received on PTS without really checking to see if the brand new textures were added or not.  I also opened something like 3000 minion caches on the PTS, so that may have something to do with the blind vendoring to create bag space.

On the PTS, the 4, 5 and 6 star standard minion caches appeared to be unchanged from live.  I didn’t receive any keys, but I did receive the same variety of items that I’m accustomed to currently on live servers, with a small amount of building block bonuses.

The vast majority of the update for minion loot is with the Premium missions.  The loot table for premium minion missions is entirely revamped.  There is no old loot in the new caches for 3-6 star premium missions.  There are no common (white quality) items in the premium mission loot tables.  Here’s the distribution for rarity:

13 Transcendent Quality (red)

55 Relic (This includes 8 music boxes:  Pelladene Light, Steppes of Infinity, Brevane, Auditorium Carnos, Achiyati, Dendrome, Ashora and Ballad of Finric)

134 Epic

283 Rare

82 Uncommon

There is to be another PTS on Monday the 27th, which should fix some issues that are currently being experienced, mostly with the Uncommon quality items.

Here are the Transcendent Quality items.  Most of them are quite large.  Not shown is the Storm Legion Centerpiece.  Once the item is fixed with the next update, I’ll try to do another post to show that item and the uncommon items.

Here are several of the relic quality items at the default size, most of which are also quite large:

New minion loot, relic quality. These items will come from 5 and 6 star stashes primarily, with a rarer chance to drop from 4 star rewards.

We will only have the chance to receive Transcendent items from five and six star premium caches.  The relic items will also primarily come from five and six star caches, with a much rarer chance to drop from four star caches.  Epic will come from three and four star caches, as well as being in the five and six star caches.  Rare and Uncommon will be in all stashes.

Kitasia has been working her poor fingers to the bone trying to get everything added to the dimensionaddicts.com database.  I’ve included the link because the database can offer a far more detailed look at the new minion and lockbox items than I can possibly put here, especially the rare, uncommon and epic minion loot.

Is your head spinning yet?  My head is spinning, that’s for sure.  And there is more to come that isn’t shown here, with the uncommon loot that’s in the chute to be fixed on Monday as well as other items from all loot tables that were broken in some form or fashion.  In case you missed it, Audzilla and I also walked through the keys and items during our last livestreams–and both times we were fortunate enough to have Tacitus in the chat with us.

Once more, everything on PTS is subject to change before going to live servers, and again, any mistakes are entirely my own.

Happy Building, Happy Touring, and Happy 4.1!


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