Taj Mahal by ARWHEN, by Chaosia@Brisesol

A truly glorious work. Taj Mahal by ARWHEN, by Chaosia@ Brisesol.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Tonight’s tour is a tiny little snapshot, because a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

If you like to look at dimensions–whether you build them or not (and I hope you like to look, otherwise, you’re in the wrong place!)–then I must recommend checking out this one in person.  As beautiful as a screenshot is, it can’t begin to compare to checking out this new build up close.

Arwhen does a masterful job of blending morphed domes with existing gazebos, and he did a stellar job with the central dome as well, not to mention all the curvature in the arches and the beauty of the minarets.

Wow…just, wow.

Happy Touring!

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