I Can See for MILES!!!

This is Winter Blossom, on Zaviel. Where you see that gap? Yeah, there are actually a bunch of trees there.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  If you build dimensions, a pretty major update hit the PTS today. How major?  Draw distance was increased by roughly 500%.

This is Winter Blossom on the PTS right now.  I think I actually like the framing better with the gap, so now I can note some changes to make.

What does that mean for us?  For a change like this, the more people who can test, the better.  I’m not, and never have been, one of those people who fills a dimension from end to end, who likes to use a ton of VFX, who likes to max out the NPC count–all things that can impact load times, which the improved draw distance may also impact.  But there are people who like to build that way, and if they can copy over a dimension or two to the PTS, that would be extremely useful!

I’ve gotten into the habit of building with the constraints of the draw distance, which does seem to have diminished, and which is severely hampered in base dimensions like Mathosian Cascades.  Feedback on multiple types of dimensions, from multiple people would be very helpful in an instance like this.

Tacitus says this is a test, and when or whether it will go live will depend on feedback, so here’s hoping we as a community can pull it off.  If it can go live, this will be a HUGE quality of life change, for those who like to build for explorers, for those who like to transform, and just in general for those who like to build, tour, or (hopefully) both.

Happy Testing!

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