Cozy Cottages 3!

Knock, Knock, by Culler@Brutwacht. 1st Place Winner of Cozy Cottages 2.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  It’s that time again, for the closest thing the DTC has to an annual contest–Cozy Cottages 3!  Last year’s Cozy Cottages saw 50 entries across the shards come in, and I certainly look forward to the entries that we receive this year.

the mushroom house, by Shrijani@Faeblight. 2nd Place Winner, Cozy Cottages 2.

This year’s contest started on 15 June, and will run all the way to 01 September.  Why so long?  Well, I intended to announce in July, but then real life happened, and I won’t be available for pretty much the whole month.  To allow time for people interested in participating to actually complete a build, I moved the announcement date up instead of pushing it back to August.

Mermaid View, by Nihoon@Brutwacht. 3rd Place Winner, Cozy Cottages 2.

There are some rule changes this year that haven’t been in play during previous versions of this contest.  Before, I’d allowed modular pieces as part of a morph.  That rule seemed to cause confusion–and there are always those that want to push the boundary, such as using door frames to make a window.  Technically, using the frames is part of a morph.  In my view, however, it’s still using a premade frame.  Modular premade pieces have been eliminated entirely from this year’s contest, with the exceptions of carpet tiles, corner posts and stairs.  Premade buildings are also eliminated entirely, just to simplify the rule set.

Zeaside Retreat, by Zeamage@Gelidra. 4th Place Winner, Cozy Cottages 2.

The other change could be looked at as a positive.  In prior versions of Cozy Cottages, I’ve always set a hard item limit.  The first year, it was 1200.  Last year, the limit was 2000.  This year, there is no limit, so if someone wants to use the entire 2520 limit of Castle Fortune (or any other 2520 dimension)–feel free!  The idea is to go as big or small as you choose with your creation.

Reskin a Sanctum House with spheres…then pull the house…very cool idea! Bubbles, by Xirschu@Brutwacht.

One new thing for this year, bonus points!  Since I did eliminate the item limit, there had to be something to make a challenge in item management.  Bonus points this year are for a dimension transformation on top of the actual house, to a total of two points.   Of course, if you think your house is absolutely perfect in a dimension that isn’t transformed, by all means, enter it as is.  I’ve built a test build without the transformation, and am about ready to start a test build incorporating the transformation idea.

One of the things that crossed my mind was that not all dimensions are as easy to transform as others, and this is true.  However, the use of the Dimension Entry Point eliminates a lot of challenges when it comes to transforming a base dimension.  Now, will an Anywhere, Everywhere, Mathosian Cascades or Tempest Island be counted with the same point bonus, given that they’re basically a blank slate?

In the interest of fairness, I have to say yes.  Nearly every base dimension has a flat point with collision at some place that removes a lot of ground clutter from being a factor.  There are spots on top of the mud hut in Faen’s Retreat, on top of any of the tents in Castle Fortune, the tall rocks in Khort and other dimensions, the tips of the wing thingies (that’s the technical term!) in Shal Korva.

The trick with a transformation is how solid that transformation is.  If all the judges have to do is round a corner and a plain base key is meeting our gaze, that’s not a solid transformation.  When it comes to a transforming aspect, we’re looking for holes, gaps and breaks.  For a good reference regarding dimension transformations, I recommend looking at the spectacular work people put in for the Total Transformations contest we ran some time ago.

Please keep in mind that transformations are optional, and not required.

Wisteria Cottage, by Dabasya@Laethys. My judge’s choice pick from CC2.

As indicated in the link at the top, the contest is posted on the Rift forums.  All communication regarding the contest should happen there–feel free to use the Contact Us feature to shoot me any questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking there, or in game–and no entries will be accepted through this site.

Again, I’d also like to thank the Community team at Trion for hooking us up with Primal Khadlig mount codes to give to the winning entries.  Those super rare mounts will be very well deserved and earned.

Happy Building!


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