Elegance in Blue, by Rinyuin@Faeblight

Greetings, Dimensionerds!  I finally made it back to the wonderful world of dimensions and the community I’ve missed so terribly!  Traveling for work has kept me away from home and away from dimensions.  A new job with no travel has given me some welcome playtime, so I’m getting back into playing, touring, collecting (hoarding), and even a little bit of building (although my current ideas are dreadfully meager).  I know there are many wonderful new dimensions out there and I’m anxious to tour them all.  While I’m getting back into it, I’m grateful to be on the receiving end of some welcome dimension recommendations.    In fact, the subject of today’s post was suggested by doodler extraordinaire, Marnth@Laethys — thanks, Marnth!  I hope all of you enjoy viewing my screenshots of this beautiful dimension and I hope you will follow-up with a personal tour.  So, without further ado, it’s my pleasure to present Elegance in Blue by Rinyuin@Faeblight!


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Thank you for taking a mini tour of Elegance in Blue, by Rinyuin@Faeblight, with me.  As always, screenshots never do justice to any dimension and I know you will enjoy a first-hand visit much more!  If you see Rinyuin online when you tour, send her a message and get to know this friendly builder who recently joined our community chat.  Welcome to the addiction, Rinyuin!

I am very happy to see the dimension community thriving.  It has been wonderful recognizing a lot of the same builders’ names and seeing new people in our community chat.  However, I’m concerned about touring.  There are still dedicated tourists but community touring and voting seem to have declined again.  Maybe, as I resume my own touring, I’ll discover that more community touring is happening than it appears.  I sincerely hope to be proven wrong and, if so, I will happily eat crow in the middle of Tempest Bay!

Happy Touring!

P.S.  If you are anywhere near Feendish right now, please administer CPR!  I heard a loud thud as I posted this article and I know it was her keeling over in a dead faint, stunned that I produced a post after so long!

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