C-RP Wynja’s Homestead, by Wynja@Zaviel

A stunning entry indeed. C-RP Wynja’s Homestead, by Wynja@Zaviel.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  The Cozy Cottages 3 contest has wrapped up, and it is my pleasure and privilege to present our Second Place Prize Winner to C-RP Wynja’s Homestead, by Wynja@Zaviel.  You may know her better as Chrystiel@Bloodiron or Eldrinaii@Zaviel, but regardless of the character name, this longhouse is amazing, from the total transformation of Moonriven Breach to the knotwork and interior morphs.

Wynja did a fantastic job of maintaining cohesion by finding apparently every item with a knotwork pattern as well as creating her own in the windows, on some pieces of trim, and with carpet tiles.  Carved wood worked well here as the perfect accent.  For the rest, Armor Racks, Backless Mahogany Chairs and plain building blocks did the trick.

An almost perfect structure surrounded by glacial waters and a serene atmosphere, this is a fine example of a Cozy Cottage indeed.  Congratulations, Wynja!

Moonriven Breach in its natural state.

Happy Touring!


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