Boondocks, by Tinderal@Zaviel

An amazing transformation! Boondocks, by Tinderal@Zaviel.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Last year, the DTC introduced the Very Cool Award, and we dusted it off this year to bring it back, slightly amended.  Sometimes, it’s not having the most complicated structure that wins a prize, it’s an entire atmosphere.  Tinderal@Zaviel’s complete transformation of Volcanic Playground (!), Boondocks, stole our hearts this year.  From the Disco music box to the chopper, Tinderal’s entry is full of color, light and movement…and is the definition of Very Cool.

Tinderal wins 2 REX and the code for a Primal Khadlig Mount for this entry, and thanks to the Community staff at Trion for hooking me up with an extra code–it’s much appreciated!  Between the brilliant colors, fabulous details and her characteristic wall art, Tinderal definitely earned her prize with this fun build.

She had me at the morphed sky, created from glowing blue building blocks.

Congrats to Tinderal@Zaviel for winning this year’s Very Cool Award!

Volcanic Playground.

Happy Touring!


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