Adventurer’s Grapefruit Getaway, by Mordhreim@Gelidra

This unassuming exterior hides a wealth of treasures! Adventurer’s Grapefuit Getaway, by Mordhreim@Gelidra.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  One of my favorite things to do in a dimension is have to check and make sure what key I’m actually in on my initial visit.  In this instance, I was certain I’d zoned into a Karthan Ponds, then I checked and imagine my surprise about being in Tulan.

This build reminded me very strongly of the late-19th and early 20th century explorers and colonists, who brought back treasures and oddities for Victorian society, and every piece of decoration reinforced that–as well as the whimsical grapefruits, everywhere you turned.

I am very pleased to announce that Mordhreim@Gelidra has won the First Place Prize for Cozy Cottages 3.  Out of 41 fabulous entries and incredibly close scores, Adventurer’s Grapefuit Getaway nailed nearly every aspect.  The proportions are perfectly done, the dimension is immersive and incredibly detailed, the twin themes are consistent throughout.

This is only Mordhreim’s second public dimension, and the first, Abandoned Treehouse, is just as well done, albeit very different.  Mordhreim impressed me then, and I’m doubly so now.

Adventurer’s Grapefuit Getaway is not the most complex structure, but it is immaculate, and the closeness of the interior spaces made it feel like it was much larger than it is, and yet smaller.  I spent an incredibly long time in the bedroom, the dining room and the library, just soaking up the tiny details that make a place feel lived in and comfortable.  I took so many screenshots of those details I had to pare some of them out, so visitors could go and find them all in person!

Congratulations to Mordhreim for a job very well done.


Happy Touring!

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