Jaedor’s Choice: Hidden Gem, by Zeamage@Gelidra

A jaw-dropping beauty of a build. Hidden Gem, by Zeamage@Gelidra.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  It’s that time again, the best day of any contest, when the winners are announced and prizes awarded.

Scores for this Cozy Cottages contest were incredibly close.  Every entrant brought their A game.  Builds were much cleaner, morphs were innovative, ideas were sharp and creative.  This particular entry, Hidden Gem by Zeamage@Gelidra, was one of the most distinctive, a “tin can in the desert,” as Zeamage described it.

Sleek, ultramodern, with cool morphs, very cool wall art and a box of toys by the bed, Hidden Gem had Jaedor@Greybriar at hello.

Zeamage, of course, loves all things pink, and in this dimension, it definitely works.  She used the Vostigar Peaks Storm Legion rep items to create beautifully modern furniture and appliances (and used the light brilliantly to turn it all pink, go figure).  When I asked Jaedor what made her pick this build, her response was just as brilliant:

“I like it.”

Which is what the Judges’ Choice awards are all about.

Congratulations to Zeamage, for winning Jaedor@Greybriar’s Judges’ Choice award.

Happy Touring!

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