Alliandre’s Choice: Vampire’s Lair, by Shortyface@Gelidra

Alliandre gave me this picture with specific instructions to use it! Vampire’s Lair, by Shortyface@Gelidra.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Contest judging isn’t all bad, but it was apparently the death of Alliandre@Brutwacht if the screenshot above was anything to go by.  Okay, enough bad jokes.  Her Judges’ Choice Award goes to Shortyface@Gelidra for the clever and creative Vampire’s Lair.

Cozy Cottages 3 has been the first time that Alliandre@Brutwacht judged a contest, and I almost felt bad for her when I did my initial run through the entries and saw their quality.  But she was a trooper, and I am grateful for her help and insights.  The mount that the CM team graciously agreed to let me have for the judges was a small token of appreciation for a thankless job.

Alliandre wrote out some words for me, to let me know why she picked this one, so I’ll just use her words:

“Why did I choose Shorty’s dimension… well:

It’s full of dark humour that made me laugh out loud, it has gruesome features (the life stock) with really clever ideas, the atmosphere is great, especially in the room with the urns of mom and dad – muffled voices, full of terror.

It made me look around in glee, want to look for every single detail she added. The combination with stuff that’s supposed to be pretty or normal makes the gothic/vampiric features stand out, or they are twisted in a way that makes me stop and have a closer look, and laugh again. I mean.. a skull plunger… the kind invitation to dinner (see link, a pic I took in that dimension when I toured there the first time 😀 ), the deserts cupboard, the artwork, the bloody maries 😀

All in all, it’s just the kind of quirky dimension I love, full of creative ideas that just float my boat.


Congratulations to Shortyface@Gelidra and Vampire’s Lair, for winning Alliandre@Brutwacht’s Judge’s Choice Award!

Happy Touring!

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