2117 by Kozzzmo@Deepwood

What a view. 2117, by Kozzzmo@Deepwood.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Cozy Cottages 3 is wrapping up, and it’s my honor to present 2117, by Kozzzmo@Deepwood as our Third Place Winner.  What does the 2117 mean?  The year this house is meant to be lived in.  There were a plethora of big, ultramodern houses this year, but Kozzzmo’s really stood out–and not just because there’s no trace of the original Stone Flask under this build.

This house is full of textures and colors, that all blend seamlessly together, surrounded by large exposed pipes, another of Kozzzmo’s excellent TV sets, and lots of metal.  The futuristic furniture actually looks comfortable, and not cold, and around it all is the sweeping view.

As Jaedor said while we were judging, this build is smexy.

Swim in the pool, kick me out of the hot tub, or relax on a sofa, I hope you’ll visit in person, and give Kozzzmo@Deepwood a clap on the back for a job well done!

Stone Flask Tavern.

Happy Touring!

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