Feendish’s Choice: Home is Where the Road Is, by Reynor@Faeblight

OMG! Home is Where the Road Is, by Reynor@Faeblight.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  It’s that time again, when the judges of the Cozy Cottages 3 contest get to make their choices about which dimensions they preferred over any of the others, regardless of points or anything else but personal, subjective preference.  I fell in love with this dimension as soon as I saw the landscape, this towering house on wheels was just the cherry on the sundae.

Full disclosure:  I’ve had a fangirl crush ever since I posted on his first dimension, The Underground, by Jamesen.  But I’m not a stalker.  Honest.

I thought this dimension was so immersive that I could imagine the wagon swaying down the road once the stakes were pulled up.  I can picture a traveling peddler, going from town to town.  Nothing is fancy, it’s not really that clean, and the clutter (!) is everywhere.  Bags, boxes, books and barrels are stacked willy nilly over all floors of this rolling house, adding to the atmosphere.  Regarding the broken window, part of me thinks it was an accident from the swinging goods outside, and part of me thinks it was broken on purpose, so those same goods would be easier to reach.

Congratulations to Reynor for winning my Judge’s Choice Award this year, for a job very well done.

Happy Touring!

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