Landquarium! (SPOILERS)

The Landquarium, from the Mystery Box: Landquarium Wonders. Tier 5 limit: 2520.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  On Thursday, another PTS update delivered the new dimension mystery box (which will be replacing the current Wonders of Alittu Mystery Box on the store) for testing.

Did you say you wanted trees?  Did you say you wanted rocks?  How about some Cattails and Pond Lilies?  Then this new box may be for you!  As always, I’m going to issue the disclaimer that anything currently on the PTS is subject to change.

There are currently roughly 250 items in the loot table for the Landquarium Wonders Mystery Box, which has a price of 360 credits (with Patron discount).  Items range from the key to landscaping from zones as varied as Kingsward (Storm Legion) and Freemarch.  Rocks, plants and trees fill this box, there’s only one building, a handful of statues and a few ruined walls to round things out.

I opened roughly 400 lockboxes on the PTS, and I stopped when I quit getting new things, so my bags are full!

Dimension boxes will taking on the same format as the premium mount boxes.

Dimension boxes have taken on the same format as the revised mount lockboxes, with a breakdown that runs from Uncommon to Relic (there are no Common items in this lockbox).  For small items, such as the Toadstool shown in the UI above, multiples of the item are given–which definitely comes in handy!  The drop rate percentage for the key itself is around 4%.

Let’s get started!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been waiting for those Brevane Statues and Urns for a very long time.  Everything pictured is shown at the default size.  All items are currently located on the PTS in an Anywhere dimension called Landquarium Display, owned by Feeendish.  Feel free to hop on, go in and play around with anything you find.

In addition to existing zones, Tacitus and team have brought out items from the Shadowlands zone, which has never been a playable area.

…And back to the rest of the zones:

No zone was perhaps more well-represented than Kingsward:

But wait…there’s more.  NPCs have been added to this mystery box, twelve in total:

When will we see this box on live servers?  It could be as soon as next Wednesday.  There have been duplicates identified and other fixes that need to be made, so I’m sure those will need to be either corrected or removed/replaced.

If you want to check out these items in person, you can–as mentioned above–use my dimension on the PTS, or you can purchase the boxes from the Dimension Test Vendor, by the main portal in Tempest Bay, for 1 silver each.

Happy Building, and Happy Touring!

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