Feendish — She’s Fiendishly Fabulous at 100 and Still Going Strong!

Welcome to Shabby Chic, by Baradara @Greybriar. Congratulations on your 100th fabulous dimension, Feendish!

Hello, Dimension Lovers!  Ok, I’m joking.  Feendish is not really 100 (obviously!) but she did finish her 100th dimension just a couple of days ago!  WOW!  For us mortals, it’s hard to imagine 100 finished dimensions, especially since they are all so fabulous!  If you want to see the full list, you can see screenshots of each one on her dimensions page here Just to make the number even more mind-boggling, a number of her dimensions have been remodeled or fully rebuilt.  Whew!  Even though I want to <BONK> Feendish on the head occasionally, the terms “phenomenon,” “ace,” “guru,” “robot” (just kidding!), and “artist,” come to mind when I think of her.  There was no way I could let this fantastic milestone go by without posting about it.  After all, Feendish herself is pretty dang fabulous!  I’ve learned a ton of things from her over the years and I have never ever heard her brag once.  She is never hesitant to help others and our community benefits greatly from her contributions as an experienced, knowledgeable player; as a Referenchead, who knows and remembers tons of information about dimensions; as a generous supporter of fellow players and of Trion; as a perpetual tourist who avidly promotes builders and dimensions; and as a skilled and amazingly creative builder of 100 (so far!) fabulous dimensions!  And after doing it all for 4 years, Feendish is still going strong!  In fact, 101 is already in progress …

Let’s take a look at a few more screenshots from Feendish’s 100th dimension, Shabby Chic, by Baradara@Greybriar.  Here’s an interesting tidbit about this dimension … one day while Feendish was looking through her jillions of saved sets, she found the structure for a Victorian house that she’d forgotten about, and the spark of an idea for this build ignited!  Don’t we all have tons of saved sets of structures we’ve created in the past?  NOT.  But our own Energizer Bunny Feenie does!

Comparing her two other most recent dimensions with the featured build, you can see how talented she is, able to create using a broad variety of themes in her dimensions.  From the huge lavender Victorian house set in Harvest Meadow, to a steampunk airship and badass captain transforming Anywhere, to a large Spanish villa under a star-lit sky transforming Shal Korva. what a versatile builder.  I mean wow!

I retour Feendish’s dimensions and still enjoy visiting each one.  There are way too many builds and too many different themes for me to be able to compile a list of favorites.  I love them all for so many reasons, but here are a few of the ones I revisited recently.  And if somehow you’ve never had the pleasure of touring Feendish’s dimensions (you must be from Mars), or if you think you may have missed a few, head over to Greybriar and search for the tag “bara,” you can’t go wrong with visiting any of the entire 100!

Congratulations, Feendish, for creating 100 fabulous, unique, inspiring, enjoyable, and beloved (by me and many others) dimensions!  I can’t wait to see the next 100! <HUGS>

Happy Touring!

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