Landquarium, Take Two! (SPOILERS)

The Landquarium, from the Mystery Box: Landquarium Wonders. Tier 5 limit: 2520.

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  There was quite a bit of feedback regarding the first version of the Landquarium Wonders Mystery Box, and I am pleased to report that feedback provided change that many (including myself) regard as a positive.

The vast majority of the dead trees that were in the last iteration of this box are now slated for Autumn Harvest.  Most of the palm trees, minus the wonderful purple palms from the Dendrome, are now directly for sale on the Rift Store.  Many of the small grass items are also on the store, the Plant section of which is received a much-needed reorganization.

The best part:

Yes! The Celestial Lands rep items have made it to the store. Also inbound: the Nightmare Tide notoriety items.

So, what replaced all those dead trees, grass and palms?  Here’s a quote from Tacitus on Dimension Skype:

Grasses: 38 Rocks: 59 Trees: 92 Rares: 43 Epics: 13

Flowers: 62 Rocks: 59 Trees: 68 Rares: 30 Treants: 12 (haven’t touched the rocks yet)
Most of the tables got a bit flatter, except the flowers (was grasses), which is filled with good things, but the flowers are most quantity 4-6″ and:

“Rock count: 48
Moved the Cape Jule and most of the Freemarch rocks to the store.”

A smaller loot table, in my opinion, is a good thing.  I bought 198 boxes from the test vendor and kept nothing in my bags from the last set except for the extra Treants, so here’s what the distribution looked like:

As you can see, things are very much tilted toward the flowers, which will drop in groups of 4-6 per type.

As to the flowers, many of them are harvestables, similar to what we receive from the Mystery Boxes during Summerfest.  Others are things that were quest items, and still others have never been in the game at all previously.  There is one type of grass left in this box, and that is the Kingsward Grass Clumps (that pretty red grass!):

As always, everything on the PTS is subject to change, but with a slated release of next Wednesday’s (04 October) patch, I don’t expect too much with the box itself will change.  Since most of the loot table but for the flowers has not changed, I chose not to show the rest of the items that I covered in my previous Landquarium post.

As usual, the items in the updated lockbox are on the PTS, in Landquarium Display, by Feeendish.  Permissions are set, so feel free to hop in and play around, or hit up the test vendor, since the boxes are only 1s.

Happy Building, and Happy Touring!


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