Upping the Limit!

What to do with 2800 items?!?

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  Most of our DTC talk this week has been about the Landquarium Wonders Mystery Box, but earlier in the week, Tacitus began teasing about not buying T5 upgrades until the patch on Wednesday, 04 October.

Friday, he dropped the bombshell that totally blows a new lockbox out of the water (in my humble opinion).  Item limits are going UP across ALL personal dimensions.  Not only that, but those horrendous tier 5 upgrade costs are going DOWN.

Here’s the breakdown, and I’ve got prices for everything but the starter dimensions (Sanguine Shores and Warden’s Point) and guild dimensions.  Item limits will remain unchanged for guild dimensions, but SS and WP will find their T5 item limits bumped up to 800 items.

Dimensions are being broken into three simple categories, Small, Medium and Large.


T1:  200

T2:  400   Plat:  5  Credits:  3

T3:  600  Plat:  15  Credits:  8

T4:  1000  Plat: 30  Credits:   20

T5:  1600  Plat:  300  Credits:  200

Small dimensions are:  Bahralt’s Ascent, Tower Meadow, Daazez Wastes, Breach Chamber, Atia, Auditorium Carnos Plaza, Charmer’s Caldera, Deepwood Cottage, Dolcega Valley, Empyrean Mill, Faering Woods, Fetid Plains, Hailol, Harrow Crypt, Haunted Terminal, Kestrel’s Cry Ravine, Plaza Aurentine, Scarlet Gorge Cliff, Pus Swamp, Stillmoor Vale, Stone Grove, Temple of the Abandoned.


T1:  300

T2:  600  Plat:  15  Credits:  10

T3:  900  Plat:  45  Credits:  30

T4:  1500  Plat:  75  Credits:  50

T5:  2200  Plat:  1200  Credits:  600

Medium dimensions are:  Faen’s Retreat, Central Necropolis, Gloamwood Glen, Karthan Ponds, Edgestone Ridge, Fort Zarnost Beach, Dream Hive, Center of Oblivion, Peaceful Hills.


T1:  400

T2:  800  Plat:  45  Credits:  30

T3:  1200 Plat:  120  Credits:  80

T4:  2000 Plat:  225  Credits:  150

T5:  2800  Plat:  1800  Credits:  1000

Large dimensions are:  Alittu, Anywhere, Azcu’azg Oasis, Boggling Boggle, Dormant Core, Bronze Tomb, Castle Fortune, Edge of Infinity, Endless Eclipse, Everywhere, Mathosian Cascades, Harvest Meadow, Tempest Island, Shoreward Island, Moonshade Pools, Three Springs, Stone Flask Tavern, Fortress of the Apocalypse, Wyrd Hut, Greenscale’s Crater, Infinity Gate, Iron Tomb, Izbithu’s Demise, Khort, Landquarium, Malluma Track, Moonriven Breach, Octus Monastery, Ovog Shrine, Polyp Promenade, Saint Taranis, Shadow Scion, Shal Korva, Subzero, The Black Garden, The Spawn Pit, Tulan, Turnis River Bunker, Vengeful Sky, Volcanic Playground.

I don’t have our dimension key page updated yet, so now I have something to do this weekend!  As soon as I find out the Guild Dimension costs and starter dimension costs, I’ll be sure to post them.  If there are any keys I’ve forgotten off the lists, it is totally my own fault from my excitement.

Any upgrade tiers that have already been purchased will be applied to current keys.  As usual, my disclaimer that until something goes live, it’s subject to change.

Are you doing the happy dance?  I’m doing the happy dance.  This is an update we’ve all been waiting for.

Happy  (Re)Building, and Happy Touring!

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