I Miss You, Referencehead!

Welcome to Daybreak Cottage, by Galindara@Greybriar, aka Feendish!

Referencehead, aka Feendish, Baradara, Whatchacallit, … and about a gazillion other alts … quietly slipped away in early December to report overseas for a year-long demanding and dangerous work assignment.  Feendish doesn’t make a big deal about things, she doesn’t expect or want fanfare, she just does what she needs to do, all-in, all the time.  She has promised to join us when she can, but she’s on-duty or on-call 24/7, so we probably won’t have the luxury of a full-time Referencehead.  Even when her playtime is limited, I need her guru building skillz, her pvp pwnage, the witty à la smartass repartee, her constant favors and bailouts, those knowledge-filled brain cells, the crazy fun and laughter, and even her annoying overachievery!  I am really going to miss her and I am really hoping the coming year passes smoothly and safely, for Feendish and for all of us!

Of course, Feendish simply wouldn’t be Feendish if she hadn’t managed to fit in a new dimension build right in the midst of her busy move across the globe!  Did I mention she’s an overachiever?  Anyway, in case you missed her most recent dimension, the following slideshow presents screenshots from the aptly-named and beautiful, Daybreak Cottage, by Galindara@Greybriar.  I hope you will visit and tour this newest addition to Feendish’s magnificent (in both size and wonder) portfolio of work.  Enjoy!

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Good luck while you are away from home, Feendish.  I know you will conquer every challenge facing you during the next year, and I wish you every possible happiness, success, achievement, and safety.  I look forward to seeing you in-game soon, and even as you are far from home … Happy Touring!

And the same to all of you!

Note:  Feendish (Baradara) has personal dimensions on Greybriar NA and Zaviel EU.  She has also worked on numours guild dimensions, build collaborations, and commissions throughout the world of dimensions, all of which are listed here.

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