Holiday At Granny’s, by Torhment @Wolfsbane NA

Holiday At Granny's
Holiday At Granny’s

Holiday At Granny’s by Torhment @Wolfsbane was one of the Honorable Mention winners in the Cozy Cottages Contest, which was recently sponsored by one of our favorite Dimensionerds, Feendish!  Torhment used Moonshade Pools to build this cozy property.  It is surprising that only 1000 items were used to create this dimension, it seems like more!  The detail level is outstanding for only a T4 upgrade of Moonshade Pools.  It’s also hard to believe this was built by a first time dimension builder … wow!  Holiday At Granny’s consists of a two-level cottage with a large deck and balcony, plus an outhouse decorated with the moon and stars (per current outhouse building standards!), an adorable mailbox, a large barn, an pumpkin patch, and a relaxing retreat near one of the lower pools.  Granny’s lovely home has details like comfy seating and furniture, a turkey roasting in the oven, potted plants, a bit of clutter (you might even call the library a bit messy!), and a fantastic spinning wheel morph, all of which gives the house a real cottage feeling and you expect to see Granny in her flowered housecoat any second!  The rustic barn contains a boat fix-up project, the stables (with an occupant!), and storage for unused household items in the hay loft.  The piece de resistance is the amazing tractor morph near the barn … it even has a running engine!  Holiday At Granny’s on Wolfsbane is a marvelous dimension that is both beautiful and amusing!  You will not be sorry when you go visit this creative dimension in person.  Terrific work, Torhment!

These screenshots show the amazing tractor and spinning wheel morphs, plus the turkey roasting in Granny’s oven!  Go see it in person to see all the great details!

2013-12-25_134246 2013-12-25_134507 2013-12-25_134614

Happy touring!

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