Sources of Inspiration

Tomb of Muhammad Shah
The Tomb of Mohammad Shah, from the Lodi Gardens, Delhi, India. Photo from Wikipedia.

I love hearing from Dimensionerds of all types where they get the inspirations for their builds.  Sources can come from real life and from pure imagination, from history and from the future.  Dimensions can come from the histories of our characters, and from events that impact us in our daily lives.

Even the most energetic Dimensionerd, however, can stumble across that dreaded thing known as builder’s block.  Builder’s block, to hear one Dimensionerd say it, is akin to writer’s block.  You’re looking at an empty dimension and can’t get any ideas, instead of a blank sheet of paper without a single thing to write about.  What to do, in that case?

The Arch of Septimius Severus, in the Roman Forum. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 16th century engraving. Photo from Wikipedia Commons
The ruins of Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.

As you can see, Google Images and Wikipedia are my friends if I’m looking for sources of inspiration.  Touring is also great for kick-starting ideas, as well as building relationships with other players.  Many of my builds are inspired by historical places, and half the fun of the build for me is in the research of correct items to use and how things were made.  Pop culture is another great inspiration.  I’m a huge fan of Mel Brooks and the collage of History of the World, Part One may yet be made.  Televised@Greybriar is known for taking his inspirations from Japanese anime.  Toblaive@Greybriar and his legion of alts create dimensions named after classic rock songs, such as Smoke of the Water.  Agrona/Aggy@Faeblight delights by writing poems and telling stories for her dimensions and the things that inspired them.  I’ve lost count of how many Death Stars I’ve seen (but still only one Yoda), and just as many Stargates.  Since everyone interprets a Death Star or a Stargate differently, however, each one is unique in its own way, and the surroundings of those items are always different.

Caer Kholum
For those of us who used to play WoW, this place ought to look very familiar, inspired by Karazhan. Guild AI@Laethys OC, The Christmas Coup.
Straight from Alice in Wonderland, Curiouser and Curiouser, by Riddle@Faeblight NA.
Shoreward Island
Modern firepower. “USS Jarz” Battleship 2.0, Jarzloc@Wolfsbane NA.
Deepwood Cottage
There’s a Whovian among us! Ascended Who? by Oakleafranger@Wolfsbane NA.
Moonshade Pools
A game within a game. Clue, by Zafft@Hailol NA.

Hopefully, there’s some inspiration here for even the most stubborn builder’s block!

Happy Touring!

*Please note that Builder’s Block is not a phrase I have coined, I’m borrowing it from Katsyra@Faeblight, who mentioned it earlier today in the DA chat channel.  The term tickled my funny bone, and I found it very apt, having suffered from this particular ailment before.

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