Scene: This is Battery Acid, You Slime!, by Ralitza@Gelidra EU

Pennywise the clown made my jaw drop.  This is Battery Acid, You Slime!, by Ralitza@Gelidra EU.
Pennywise the clown made my jaw drop. This is Battery Acid, You Slime!, by Ralitza@Gelidra EU.

IT ranks as one of my all time favorite books by Stephen King, right after the unabridged version of The Stand.  I was a teenager the first time I read It, at home alone, and I’ll admit, I was seriously creeped out by this story of the Losers’ Club and their dealings with a homicidal clown (I already didn’t like clowns, this story did not change things!).  In 1990, ABC made a miniseries of the book and did a much more faithful film adaptation than most studios have done with Mr. King’s books.  As much as I would love to link the clip that this scene compares to, I could find only a horrible copy on You Tube that someone filmed with a cell phone.  Luckily, I have the miniseries on DVD, so comparing this dimension to a clip was as easy as turning on my television.

Congrats to Ralitza for winning the third place prize with this grim, dark scene, for an award of 6 REX.  The sewer here is perfectly rendered, I looked for and could not find any structural mistakes.  The character details made my jaw drop, and there may be hope for me yet, because these little kids and even that creepy, scary clown are made from building blocks, which gave Rali a lot of freedom in how she could clothe them and make them distinct.  Eyelashes!  Dropped flashlights, a backback, and the slingshot that Bev Marsh used after an inhaler full of acid melted Pennywise’s face add to the details in this gloomy picture of a last stand.

The size of the scene was not one of the judging criteria, and this is a small dimension, but it uses the full allotment of 1500 items.  The structural quality of this build, however, makes it feel much larger, especially with the invisible tiles to block off the corridors to add to the illusion and give context.  Even more than the structure, the characters themselves.  Pennywise is perhaps the most impressive figure morph I’ve ever seen.  Kudos to Rali for a job well done, as always.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at This is Battery Acid, You Slime!, by our very own Rali.  Congratulations on a job very, very well done, and we all look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Happy Touring!

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