Touring for Dimensionoobs!

yoda-noobWhether you are new to Rift, or you’ve been playing Rift for a while, if you have not yet immersed yourself in the fun, creative, addictive World of Dimensions, you might just be a Dimensionoob … and that’s perfectly OK!  We all start out as Dimensionoobs.  Some of us proceed to go crazy for building and we become Dimensionerds, while others of us don’t feel that spark from building but we admire the creativity so we tour as Dimension Lovers, and a few of us are just a mélange of Dimension-loving-noobish-nerdiness!  Whether you are a Dimensionoob, a Dimension Lover, a card-carrying Dimensionerd, or some unique combination of all three, you are always welcome here!

Even the most experienced Dimensionerds had to start someplace but one of the things they seem to have in common is a love for touring.  Dimensionerds like to see what others are creating and to support their fellow builders.   They have learned first-hand that touring is a chance to learn and get new ideas for their own dimensions.  Here at the Dimension Touring Company, we are constantly touring as a means to promote touring!  We believe it’s a fundamental part of becoming a skilled builder, supporting the dimension community, and having the most fun possible with dimensions.  In other words, being a Dimensionerd instead of a Dimensionoob!  Here are some tips that will help you get started with or improve your dimension touring.

1.  Tour Actively:  Don’t just tour every now and then, tour often!  New dimensions open all the time.  Watch the Rift Forums for new dimensions to tour.  Join and watch the DimensionAddicts@Deepwood and DimensionAddicts@Zaviel chat channels, and other chat channels, for new dimension advertisements.  The more you tour, the more different types, styles, and variety of dimensions you’ll see.  Maybe one day you’ll be working on a section of your dimension and get stumped, or maybe you’ll  have an idea for a new dimension but you won’t know how to actually do it, or maybe you haven’t begun to imagine all that is possible with dimensions, or maybe you have PvP-itis and you need a rest … some wonderful dimension creation is waiting out there to provide inspiration!  I’ve been touring a lot of dimensions for a long time and I still find inspiration from other dimensions almost every day!

2.  Visit Random Dimensions: You can visit random dimensions with one click of a button via your dimension window tabs, “Public (Weekly)” and “Public (All Time).”  I will admit, you can end up in an empty dimension, an unfinished dimension, or even a storage dimension, but you can also luck into an amazing dimension you might not have discovered on your own.  I urge you to find your own methods for finding and touring new dimensions!

3.  Visit Specific Dimensions:  In the search bar on the “Search” tab of your dimension window, you can type in a dimension name, a builder name. or a base dimension name (e.g., Shoreward Island).  From the filtered list, you can select a dimension to tour.  Also, if you see an dimension advertisement in any chat channel, you can ask the advertiser/owner to invite you to visit his or her dimension, even if it is on a different shard.  Cross-shard touring is one of the best features available for touring!  Visiting a dimension when the builder invites you, provides an opportunity to ask him or her about the dimension and perhaps learn something new.  I’ve taken many personal tours from lots of Dimensionerds for a long time and I still learn new things about building and dimensions all the time!

4.  Tour Widely:  Don’t just tour on your own shard, tour on other shards!  In fact, tour on all the shards.  Yes, I mean ALL!  I mean the North American (NA) shards and the European (EU) shards!  There are differences in how people build based on every personal characteristic,  including where they live and the culture they experience day-to-day.   Of course you need to make a toon on a shard before you can tour there, but it is worth it!  Many of us have tourist toons on every shard and we advance them to level 10 so they can vote (+1).  The more shards you visit, the more different types, styles, and variety of dimensions you’ll see.  This sounds familiar … haven’t I heard this before?!  If you don’t know how to get to the other group of shards, here’s what to do.  When you login to Rift, look for the location drop-down list in the upper right-hand corner of the login window.  Choose the group of shards (NA or EU) you want to visit, click PLAY, and away you go on a trip to tour amazing dimensions on the other side of the World!

5.  Always Remember to Vote:  Votes are free.  Votes are infinite.  Votes are praise and encouragement.  No, I don’t always vote for every dimension I visit but whenever I see that effort has been made, I vote.  When I’m lucky enough to talk to a dimension builder about his or her dimension, if I recognize creativity, determination, or interest in learning, I vote.  Be generous since your votes will never run out … generosity never hurts the giver or the receiver!

noobturtuleDimensionoobs, as I welcome you to this wonderful World of Dimensions, I hope you will give some or all of these tips a try by touring beyond your own dimension,  beyond your own shard, and beyond your own geographic location!  I know of a few builders who build numerous dimensions but who rarely (or never) tour other dimensions.  They build nearly the same thing over and over, building in the same way again and again.  It’s sad because they could have much more fun if only they would step out of their own dimensions and tour!  It’s OK to be a Dimensionoob but it’s the most fun to be a Dimensionerd.  Just please, don’t be a Dimensiondoofus … get out there and tour!

Happy touring!

I play on Wolfsbane NA as Dimensiondiva, Dimensiondevil, Camouflage, Spudkin, Kablooey, and Weewitch.  I play on Gelidra (EU) as Dimensiondiva.  If you ever have a question for me, or want to invite me to your dimension, or think I can be of help in some way, or want to give me platinum, feel free to send me a tell anytime!



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