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I’ve been playing RIFT since it was first released, with a few breaks courtesy of real life interruptions, but I always come back because of the dimension community.  I continue to be inspired, challenged, and flabbergasted by the work of amazing dimensional artists and architects.

My home shard is Wolfsbane NA, but I also build on Gelidra EU and Zaviel EU.  You might see me playing Rift with Camouflage, Spudkin, or Weewitch, or you might find me building with Dimensiondiva, Dimensiondevil, Dimensionmojo, Dimensionator, or Dimensionerd.    You can view screenshots of my dimensions here.  I love building and morphing, but I love touring, as well.  I love the surprise of seeing a brand new finished dimension being unveiled for the first time!

Come touring with us!  Don’t just tour dimensions built by your friends and guildees, get out there and tour all over … on the EU and NA shards!  Not only will it inspire your own building and expand your creativity, it’s a way to support other builders and make new friends!  Wherever your touring takes you, please be generous with your +1 votes … your supply is infinite!!

Happy Touring!


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