About Feendish

I first joined RIFT in 2011, and played to level 50.  I took a hiatus for a while, and came back to the game in January of 2013.  I immediately fell in love with dimensions.  To date, I’ve built more than 70 (!) active dimensions (including 3 guild halls, a collaboration, and a couple of commissions) spread across three shards.  When I’m not building or hanging out with my guild (who is thankfully tolerant of my dimension addiction), I love to tour dimensions.  The creativity of the community never ceases to amaze me.

Before RIFT, I was a World of Warcraft player for seven years, and mixed up both with SWTOR and LoTRO.

Greybriar NA is my home shard, anyone can find me at Baradara@Greybriar, Feendish@Greybriar, and Whatchacallit@Greybriar.  Zaviel EU is my second home shard, and I can be found there under Feendish@Zaviel.

2013-10-22_121208For building, I love big structures, expansive landscapes and cozy little houses.  I like playing with colors, textures and shapes to always try to come up with something new.  For touring, I like original concepts and smart ideas.

Pictured is my favorite personal dimension, Black Flower Shrine, under the character Whatchacallit, on Greybriar.

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