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Prospective Authors

We enjoy reading new and different perspectives, and we want the DTC to be an open forum for authors, readers, and members of the dimension community,  so we welcome writers with varied experience levels, styles, and areas of interest.  Presenting perspectives from both the EU and NA shards is a goal of the DTC, as well.  We are always looking for new authors from both sides, who are Dimension Lovers like us.  If you’re interested in becoming an author, contact Diva in-game or via Contact Us on this site. or as a PM on the RIFT Game Forums,.  You can find Diva on all shards as Dimensiondiva, or on Wolfsbane NA as Dimensiondevil, Dimensionerd, or Dimensionator.

Requirements for Authors:

  1. Active Touring – Frequent touring on the NA and EU shards.
  2. Knowledge and Experience with Dimensions – Building experience preferred.
  3. English and Writing Skills – Must be able to write and communicate effectively in English.  Should have an interest and/or experience with writing, including accurate spelling, good grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Of course the salary for authors is not huge (there is no salary!) and the perks for authors are few (there are no perks!) but we do have fun together!  All of us love touring and we enjoy promoting dimensions and builders.  One of the ways we try to be active members of the dimension community is by writing articles in support of Dimensionerds and dimension lovers.  If you feel the same way, and you’d like to give writing for the DTC a try, we’d love to have you join us!

Happy Touring!

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