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This dome was made with the help of DT 2.0--and 248 cubes.
This dome was made with the help of DT 2.0–and 248 cubes.  But…how?

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  If you, like me, use an addon to assist you in building your dimensions, then perhaps you’ve noticed there are some options.  In 2014, I wrote Toolbox Guides, if that’s your addon of choice.  There is also Dimension Tools, originally produced by Rift Dream Dimensions, and now, thanks to Kitumi@Brutwacht EU, there’s Dimension Tools 2.0 (that name is purely my own–he’s still working on coming up with a new name), and that is what these guides will address.

I’ll cover everything from installation, to the UI, to advanced techniques like using the Custom Pivot feature in short, easy to follow segments.  In addition to the written portion, for most things I’ll include a brief video tutorial for those who learn better that way.

As always, if there are any problems or something is not clear, please let me know, either via the Contact Us feature of the site, a PM over the Rift Forums (user name Feendish), or shoot me a mail in game or by whisper.  I can best be reached on Baradara@Greybriar or Whatchacallit@Greybriar on the North American cluster, and on EU as Feendish@Zaviel or Baradara@Zaviel.  I’ll happily answer any questions and if it’s a matter of something being wrong, then I’d love to have the opportunity to make the corrections.

Happy Building!

Installing DT 2.0

DT 2.0 UI Layout

Moving with DT 2.0

Tribal Magic

Scaling with DT 2.0

Copy and Paste with DT 2.0

Custom Pivot

Rotating with DT 2.0

The Offset Calculator

Saving and Loading Sets with DT 2.0

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