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Making even the most complex structural pieces is a snap with Tinker Tools!
Making even the most complex structural pieces is a snap with Tinker Tools!

Hello again, Dimensionerds!  If you, like me, prefer to use an addon to help with the building of your dimension, then welcome to the Tinkers Tools series of guides.

I’ll be walking you through everything from the basic UI, to movement, to more advanced features like custom pivot and techniques like using custom pivot with a multi-item copy and paste.  We’ll cover each basic section in simple, easy to understand language and the best part–the entire guide will be done with almost NO MATH.  These guides are geared toward beginners, but there may be some things of value to the old pros as well, and with most, there will also be a brief video segment that may also make things easier.

If you’ve had previous experience with Toolbox or Dimension Tools, there will be a lot of redundant information here, but each dimension add-on is treated as its own entity.  For some comparison, you can find the Toolbox Guides here, and the Dimension Tools guides here (DT guides are also here, in this handy PDF or the video instructions from Rift Dream Dimensions).  My DT guides cover version 1.9.11.

To install Tinker Tools, you can follow this link to Curse.com, or you can download the Master Zip File from Github, using this guide for installation on a machine running Windows 7.  Some of the link names have changed, but the URL is the same and all the steps are identical.

These guides are made with permission from the add on creator, Kitumi@Brutwacht, and all mistakes are entirely my own.  If you notice an error, please send me a message via the Contact Us feature, or shoot me a PM over the Rift Forums (user name Feendish).

If there are questions, please feel free to contact me any time in game at Baradara@Greybriar or Whatchacallit@Greybriar on the North American cluster, or at Feendish@Zaviel or Baradara@Zaviel on the European shards.

The Axes

The Tinker Tools UI

Alfiebet and Tribal Magic

Moving with Tinker Tools

Scaling with Tinker Tools 

Rotating with Tinker Tools 

Offsets and The Offset Calculator 

Copy and Paste with Tinker Tools 

Reskin with Tinker Tools

Custom Pivot with Tinker Tools 

Saving and Loading Sets with Tinker Tools 

Text Import and Export with Tinker Tools

Tinker Tools Updates!


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