Toolbox & DT 2.0 Guides

If you enjoy using addons to assist you in building your dimensions, there are a few options:  Toolbox, Dimensions Tools 2.0, and Tinker Tools.  Feendish has written guides for each of them in easy-to-follow written lessons and accompanying video tutorials.  Her guides cover everything from installation, to the UI, to advanced techniques.  Feendish and I both use Tinker Tools and, if asked for a recommendation, we would both suggest Tinker Tools.  It is the newest addon with the most features and it is the only dimension addon being actively supported, thanks to Kitumi!@Brutwacht.  However, choosing an addon is very much a personal choice so the DTC will provide access to Feendish’s guides for all 3 addons.  The Tinker Tools Guides are available from the DTC main menu, and the Toolbox and Dimension Tools Guides are available below.

Toolbox Guides

Dimension Tools 2.0 Guides

Happy Building!



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