About the DTC

The Dimension Touring Company is a blog created by Feendish and Dimensiondiva.  We are active Dimensionerds who enjoy being part of the dimension community.  In December of 2013, we saw a need for more dimension touring so we started this blog to promote dimensions and to encourage touring.  Since then, we’ve introduced additional resources to support the dimension community but our main focus continues to be promoting dimensions.  The DTC seeks out the hidden gems and unrecognized masterpieces, and presents them on this blog so other Dimensionerds and Dimension Lovers can experience them and vote!

The DTC features articles by Feendish, Dimensiondiva, and occasional guest authors (see The Authors page for author bios).  We tour and spend time working on the DTC but we also love building and have busy real lives, just like all of you, so don’t be discouraged if we haven’t blogged about your dimensions.  We select dimensions based on what we hear in the dimension community, what we read about on the forums, tips we get from other Dimension Lovers, and what we discover ourselves.  We don’t take direct requests for what dimensions to blog about but we are happy to follow-up on recommendations from the dimension community.  If you know of a dimension that you believe deserves greater recognition, send us touring tip via the Contact Us page.  We appreciate touring tips, comments, and feedback.  We want to know what you think!

Happy Touring!

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