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A page dedicated to those posts about building tricks.  Everything from lights to rocks and plants, building tips and, of course, fabulous clutter!

As of June, 2016, the posts here were updated to get rid out of outdated information.  Those posts are still there, however, just use the search bar at the top!


Dimension Keys – Where to get each key, how much they cost, and the costs of each upgrade, based on item limit


3.3 Dimension Item Compendium – 3.3 dimension items were put on vendors located throughout the Plane of Water, here’s where you can find them, so you don’t buy a 30g Draumheim Wall off the AH for 15p!

4.1 Dimension Item Compendium over 800 new items, including a total premium minion revamp.  Here’s where to get the goodies!


Addon Guides

Toolbox Guides

DT Guides – v1.9.11 – Written

DT Guides – v1.9.11 – Video

Tinker Tools Guides – Written

Tinker Tools Guides – Video


Back to Basics

What is Morphing?  An Overview

Back to Basics:  Morphing Environments

Back to Basics:  Morphing Structures

Back to Basics:  Morphing Everything AND the Kitchen Sink!


Sky Projectors – This takes you to our page, where you can find out which projectors are available, where to get them, and how much they cost

The Sky’s The Limit

The Sky’s The Limit: Updated!



Let There Be Light!  Physical lights, not the Dreamweaving kind

Let There be Light!…Dreamweaving Edition

Let There be Light…Again!



A Box of Rocks and Transformations – Rocks

Going Green – Trees and Plants

Keeping it Real – Realistic landscaping, done in layers

Off the Beaten Path – Pathing

Going the Distance – Draw distance


Water Features

Water, Water Everywhere  – The Pouring Water Effect

Water, Water Everywhere…Part Two – Drip Lines, Waterfall Curtains, and more

Chasing Waterfalls and Running Streams – Running water and waterfalls


Structural Components

Rooms With a View – Customized Windows

Layering Illusions – Using building blocks to save item count

Step on It! – Stairs

Raise the Roof! – Roofing

From the Inside Out  – Interior-only builds to save item limits

An Open and Shut Case – The humble door

All That Glitters… – Metallic detailing

Get a Grip! – Handles and knobs


General Morphing and Building

What’s in a Name?

Off the Grid…er, Axis

Spooon!!! – Food morphing

Yum! – More food morphing!

The Wow Factor – Points of impact in dimensions

Oases of Junk – Clutter!

Pretty as a Picture – 3D art

Sailing Away! – Boats

Size Does Matter – Proportions

Modify, Schmodify!  Modification of shared Toolbox sets to make something unique to you in an easier way.

Make It to Break It! –  Making ruins and ruined effects

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – Beds


Specific Items:

Ode to: Building Blocks 

Ode to the Bookcase!

Ode to:  The Necropolis Arch – Uses for the Necropolis Arch

Ode to:  The Gravestone – Uses for a variety of gravestones and graveyard decorations

Ode to:  The Backless Mahogany Chair –  Uses for the Backless Mahogany Chair

Ode to:  The Gravy Boat

Ode to:  The Commode – Toilet humor


Dimension Tools and Other Effects (the actual Tools, not the Addon!)

The Dimension Entry Point

The Dimensional Distance Indicator

The Sound of Music  – Music boxes!

A Change in the Weather – Weather blockers

Not Just for PvP! – PvP Banners and Start Points to create interactive areas

Paint the Town – An In-Depth Look at Terrain Paints

Taking a Ride! – Elevators


Miscellaneous and Contest Building

Being a Good Tourist – A Bit of Advice for Successful Touring

Diva’s OCD Storage Tips

The Cozy Wrap-Up – Generalized contest tips for building quality


Serious Notes – The Soapbox!

On a Serious Note – Copying and Etiquette

On a Serious Note – What’s the Point?

On a Serios Note – The Item Limit

On a Serious Note – Critiquing

On a Serious Note – How Close is Too Close?

On a Serious Note – 3.2 Teasers and NPCs

On a Serious Note – Competitive Natures

On a Serious Note – Fished to the Breaking Point — the Quest for Uncle Stan’s Super Secret Lure

On a Serious Note – Wonders of the Cosmos

On a Serious Note – The Addon Debate

On a Serious Note – Building and Grinding

On a Serious Note – Contests

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