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Toolbox (and it’s newer sister, Dimension Tools) is an addon made to help Dimensionerds achieve greater precision in angular and rotational placement of items.  It also allows for the saving of sets for complicated morphs and structures, allows those sets to be shared through the Importing and Exporting functions, and with Copy and Paste features and offsets can allow even the most complex geometrical designs to be created.

There are comprehensive video tutorials regarding both of these add-ons, as well as a written guide for Dimension Tools, at Rift Dimension Addicts and Rift Dream Dimensions.  My guides are meant to be used as a handy reference, with simple, step by step instructions with illustrative pictures.  My goal is to make things as easy to follow as possible, for those who–like me–understand written instructions better than video guidelines.  If there’s any errors, they are entirely my own and please bring them to my attention if I don’t catch them.  If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach me, either through the “Contact Us” function here, or a PM over the RIFT forums (user name Feendish), or in game at Baradara@Greybriar.

These guides are also working under the assumption that anyone reading has already gone to, and installed the addon.

Be advised that while these guides are primarily for Toolbox, the basic functionality between Toolbox and Dimension Tools is the same.  Dimension Tools has a couple more features for added convenience and functionality that Toolbox does not have, but for the basics, anything you read here will also work there.  As stated above, there is a comprehensive written tutorial for Dimension Tools at Rift Dream Dimensions, as they’ve produced the addon.  Any bugs for Dimension Tools should be reported there.  Toolbox itself is no longer being updated, so expect bugs when working with it.

The Basics:

What is Toolbox?

The Axes

Moving with Toolbox

Rotating with Toolbox (You Mean I Have to do MATH?)

Copying and Pasting

Saving and Loading Sets with Toolbox


A Word About Offsets

Set Sharing in Toolbox



Spiral Stairs

Conical Shapes




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